Green Press-On Nails


    Press-on green nails are the ultimate way to express your sense of adventure. The colour green represents nature and new beginnings. Applying green coloured nails will add a little pop to your personal presentation and show the world you are confident and at peace. In some cultures, it is considered a colour of good fortune and prosperity. Wear your green nail designs with flair. You never know, it may just bring you a little luck!

    2 products

    2 products

    All things inspired by green

    When we think of the colour green, we envisage lush forests, leprechauns and soothing ocean vibes. Green stick-on nails give you the freedom to demonstrate to the world that you are calm, confident and oozing sophistication while having a bit of fun too. The green nail colours available offer the versatility of a subtle green tip through to a beautifully designed and dramatic full-coloured nail. 

    Be adventurous

    Embrace the advantages of what green coloured nails represent and enjoy the beauty and charm this colour can bring to your overall appearance.


    Applying your green nail designs

    As with all of the Glowie by Her range of press-on nails, you will find the application process very simple. The application guide demonstrates just how easy it is to prep, glue and press your green nail designs. which are intended to last up to two weeks before you may need to reapply.

    Removal made simple

    Given how long these amazing nails can stay in place, you may wish to switch them out before they are ready to come off. You can swap out your green coloured nails in an instant with a removal process that is even easier than the application process!

    The long and short of it

    The absolute awesomeness of being able to switch your press-on nails out as often as you like means that you can select short green nails one day and long green nails the next! Being able to choose between short press-on nails, medium press-on nails, and long press-on nails means you will always have the perfect length nail to suit any occasion while rocking the design and colour of your choice on any given day.

    Length selection to suit any occasion

    It may be that you want extra-long and dramatic nails for an evening event, but you are required to have short nails for work, or you may just want a bit more variety in your life! Test out a few different lengths to see what works for you.

    Perfectly manicured with ease

    Superbly natural looking, Glowie by Her green press-on nails are difficult to tell apart from your natural nails. You will have hands that slay with such little effort you will wonder why you persisted so long with the expense and inconvenience of salon visits. Just a few minutes is all it takes to achieve that perfect manicure.

    Switching out your colours and styles

    The green nail designs and green nail colours available in our collection give you a variety of choices for how to present your hands, but understandably you may also be looking for other options to match your outfit or event. You could consider a bold black, brown, luxurious gold, grey, lilac or the clean lines of a neutral nail. Additionally, there are orange, pink, purple, rainbow, red or even transparent nails to choose from! Other popular colours include white, yellow and blue

    Every colour includes style choices

    Selecting the length and shape of your nail in the colour you desire also opens your choices to the designs available within that colour range. Embellished, patterned or timeless solid-coloured nails are all within reach.

    Contact us today to discover the difference that the perfect press-on nail makes. You will also find useful nail accessories available to enhance your experience when shopping with Glowie by Her.