Why I started Glowie ✨

It started with a not so cute experience...

The idea for Glowie came about during the Jun-Sep lockdown here in Sydney.

I was at Priceline searching for some lockdown self-care products when I bumped across press-ons nails and thought they were such a cool concept!

But...I tried them on and ...It was a terrible experience - The nails flopped off after 1 hour of applying them, and the quality was super thin and flimsy  

This experience inspired me to improve press-on nails. If there was a way I could improve both the quality and design of press-ons, then the process of getting your nails done could be not only far quicker but much cheaper too! 

 ...And this is our mission at Glowie: We want to create DIY beauty products for girls to GLOW whilst maintaining the same quality and trendy designs you'd get from any beauty salon 

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