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Info on Application + Removal, and more!

Temporary Wear (up to 3-4 days): With the correct prep, your nails will last up to 3-4 days with our sticky tabs included in your Glowie nail palette.

Extended Wear (up to 3 weeks): For nails applied with our nail glue with the correct prep, they can last up to 3 weeks. (We've heard some people have had them on for 6 weeks at a time!)

Note that these estimates can vary depending on your lifestyle and whether you used the correct application technique!

**Make sure to always remove any oils from your nail bed by wiping them with an alcohol pad (provided in the kit), before applying the sticky tabs or glue!

Here's a video from our TikTok explaining more: How long do they last for?

Step 1: Prep!

DO NOT miss this step as prepping your nails correctly is essential to allowing your press on's to stay on as long as possible!

1. Start by pushing back your cuticles using the cuticle stick & filing down your nails.

2. Size Glowie nails by placing them above your natural nail beds and choosing the ones that have the most suitable fit.

3. Gently buff your nails using the nail fliler in the kit.

4. Wipe all your nails completely with the alcohol wipe. This will remove the natural oils on your nailbeds which prevents the adhesive from working as well!

Step 2: Choose Adhesive

Option 1) Sticky Tabs (Short term wear)

• Choose the sticky tab that is the correct size for each of your nail beds, and apply the adhesive.

Option 2) Nail Glue (Longer term wear)

• Apply a pea sized amount of nail glue on your natural nail, and on the back of the Glowie nails.

• Be careful not to touch the glue with your fingertips, as it bonds quickly!

Step 3: Press!

Apply Glowie nails at a 45 degree angle and press down firmly for 20-30 seconds, ensuring you remove all air bubbles upon application.

Video Tutorials

Full tutorial: How to apply press on nails pefectly

Sticky tabs: How to apply with sticky tabs

Nail Glue: How to apply with nail glue

• To extend the wear of your press on's, avoid water contact 3 hours after application (I know... we always suggest to go to the bathroom beforehand 🤣) but this will really extend the wear time of the sticky tabs or glue!

• Do not touch your nails with your fingertips AFTER you've wiped them with the alcohol pad, as that will add back the oils on your nails that you removed with the alcohol wipe.

• Make sure to choose the right SIZE for your nails that aren't too large, or too small, as this might cause Glowie nails to fall off pre-maturely! Having press on's either too small or large for you means that water can get under your press on's, and interact with the glue underneath which might cause discolouration or pre-mature lifting.

You can easily remove your press on's with NO damage by soaking them in hot water, soap and oil (any kind such as cuticle oil, kitchen oil or body oil) for 10-15 minutes!

** Note: Some nails may take longer than others to come off depending on how much glue you used, and how long it's been since you've applied your press on's.

Video Tutorial: How do I remove my press-ons?

Life Hack: The fastest way to remove your press on's


Our nails are designed to be super durable and long-lasting so that they can be reused multiple times!

Simply buff off the residue glue from the nail using our petite nail filer and place them back in the Glowie case for next time's use 😊

Video tutorial here:

If you haven't tried them before, here are some reasons why press on's are amazing!

♻️ Reusable (the Glowie kit comes with sticky tabs and glue!)

⏰Convenient (less than 10 min to apply and 10 mins to remove)

💸 Affordable (much cheaper than getting them done at the salon)

🚫 No damage (they're built for temporary wear and wont damage your nails)

🎨 Customisable (use a nail clipper and our nail filer to get the length you desire!)

They're perfect if:

👩‍💻You can't wear nails to work! Simply use our temporary sticky tabs and remove them after 2-4 days of use

💅You like changing your nail designs often

😢You have damaged/weak nails (press on's are way less damaging than gel or acrylics)

😍 You love getting your nails done... but they cost too much and grow out too fast!

Yess! We purposely made our press on's available in sizes medium-long because you can always go shorter and change the shape of the nail by clipping and filing them!

Here's a video from our TikTok explaining more: How to customise my press-ons in 2 mins

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Once an order is placed we're not able to cancel or make any changes to the order. Once received you're welcome to make a return with us, as long as your items meet our returns criteria :)

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