Cat-Eye Press-On Nails

    Cat-eye nails designs are becoming ever more popular, and with good reason. They are absolutely stunning! The visual allure of the subtle shimmering line on your nail really makes this style of nail pop and gives you the illusion of gazing into a cat’s eye, hence the name. If you are serious about upping your manicure game, these TikTok and Insta famous cat-eye press on nails are the ones for you. 

    Bounce in minutes

    Press-on cat-eye nails offer you the ability to be part of this on-fleek trend in minutes. Salon-created cat-eye nail shapes take forever and can be quite pricey, but with your press-on nails, you will be out the door quickly after following the three simple and fast steps of prep, glue and press, as detailed in our application guide. The added bonus to press-on nails, as opposed to salon nails, is that you can easily switch this look out whenever you like. 

    No delays

    When you need to bounce there will be no delays trying to get ready. Your hands will slay with very little effort.

    Designs for all occasions

    You can opt for long cat-eye nails or short cat-eye nails in a variety of colours and designs. There are also other designs available that will give you the edge when getting ready for a night out or everyday wear. It is entirely up to you! Try mixing it up with stunning chrome, magnetic or pattern press-on nails. Let’s not forget the amazing floral designs, classic French tip, ombre, and solid designs that are also available. 

    Perfection, always

    There are so many choices and options offered you can be guaranteed to always have the exact perfect nails required. Make your friends jealous of your lasting nail perfection.

    Quality and durability

    Glowie By Her press-on nails are of unsurpassed quality. The very realistic appearance makes it difficult to tell that it is not your actual nail, and due to the quality, they will remain in place for up to two weeks. If you want to change your nails out more often, simply follow the three quick steps for removal and store your nails properly until you wish to reuse them. 

    Long lasting

    Your cat-eye shape nails will last regardless of whether you wear them every day or reapply them every weekend. Now that's quality!

    The importance of length

    Every design in the range, including the cat-eye nails designs, comes in three different lengths to make sure you have precisely the nail you prefer. Simply browse for short press-on nails, medium press-on nails or long press-on nails and you will find what you need. Of course, not only the length is important, which is why there are also a variety of shapes to choose from, including square, round and coffin-shaped nails.

    Personalised choices

    Cat-eye press on nails, along with the entire Glowie By Her range, have no limits on how you want them to appear with the variety of shapes and lengths available.

    It is all included

    Every pallet of press-on nails comes complete with all the accessories you need, along with different-sized nails to ensure the perfect fit for you. Now, if you are inclined to switch out your cat-eye nails designs on the regular, you may find you need additional glue or sticky pads for example. To prevent the inconvenience of running out, why not take a look at our nail accessories? You could add them to your order and take advantage of our bundle and save options.

    The path to a quick, easy and sustainable manicure is here for you. Contact us today and enjoy the ultimate manicure every single day.