Grey Press-On Nails


    The soothing tones of press-on grey nails make this contemporary colour one that exudes style and elegance. Being neutral tones, wearing grey nail colours will allow you to match your nails with any type of clothing selection. There is no fear of your nails clashing with your outfit. It is one of the truly versatile manicure colour choices with which you can elect to be vibrant or subtle, depending on the grey nail designs you choose.

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    A cool calming choice

    Grey stick-on nails come in a variety of tones, from soft and demure to dramatically impactful. You can opt for a solid colour or subtle coloured tips. With the soothing coolness of Glowie By Her grey coloured nails, your hands will always compliment your outfit, making a demure statement that epitomises class.

    Adding some bling

    We understand that sometimes you want your nails to pop. Opting for a bit of bling in your grey nail designs gives you that extra edge on a night out or even as everyday wear if you prefer to have statement nails on the regular. There are no rules when it comes to how you wear your press-on nails.

    Easy application

    The beauty of the Glowie by Her catalogue lies not only in the quality and realistic look of the press-on nails range but also in the ease of application. Your press-on grey nails will be ready to go in minutes following the simple three-step process in our application guide, which also details how to remove your nails just as quickly and easily as when you applied them.

    Changing up your looks

    Glowie By Her understands you may not wish to wear the same grey nail designs for weeks, even though our press-on nails will last that long before requiring reapplication. This is why the removal process has been designed to be quick and simple. You may be in love with your grey coloured nails but want to swap them out for other designs, colours or even lengths. 

    Swapping out lengths

    You may wish to have short grey nails one day and long grey nails the next, and this is entirely possible! Options include long press-on nails, medium press-on nails and short press-on nails, so you are never restricted on how your manicure is presented.

    Colours galore

    The range of colours and designs within the Glowie By Her range guarantees you will never be bored with your manicure. Your grey coloured nails might absolutely slay, but it doesn't mean you want the same colour nails every day. Consider bundling on your order to save and include other colour and design options.

    A plethora of choices

    From the ultra-feminine lilacs to the fun rainbow options, you will find every colour imaginable available, including gold, blue, black, green and brown. Other colours within our range include neutral, orange, pink, purple, red, transparent, white and yellow. Each colour includes different designs and hues, so you have zero limitations on how your hands are presented.

    Accessories to enhance your experience

    When you order your grey stick-on nails, included in the kit will be all the accessories you need to apply, remove, and reapply your nails. If you are inclined to switch out your look often, you will require additional nail accessories such as extra glue or sticky tabs. Remember, our nails are reusable, so ensure you always have sufficient accessories on-hand to get the most out of your nails.

    Experience the TikTok viral revolution that is Glowie By Her press-on nails. Contact us today to get started on having the perfect manicure every day without expensive and inconvenient salon visits. It all can happen in the privacy of your own home.