Square press on nails

    Press-on square nails feature blunt straight edges, which add width to the classy appearance of your nails. They are best suited to long fingers as the square shape will make your fingers look a little shorter, however, this could be overcome with long square nails to give the illusion of more length to the finger. Sophisticated and edgy, square-shaped nails offer an image of boldness and strength. They really are a great way to show off your powerful edge while being super trendy.

    2 products

    2 products

    Quality and durability

    Glowie by Her press-on nails are the highest quality with a natural appearance making it difficult to tell if they are your own natural nails or not. Our square nail designs can be worn for up to two weeks before reapplication may be required, meaning very low maintenance for your manicure to remain immaculate. Their durability means they can be used again and again, saving you the expense and inconvenience of constantly purchasing replacements and keeping your look environmentally friendly. Coupled with our nail accessories to help with the application and removal of your nails, you can continue to enjoy the outstanding quality of our square press-on nails for quite some time.

    The square nail edge

    The square nail shape has become widely popular with long square nails featuring regularly on Tik Tok beauty reels. This is because they add an element of authority and power to the presenter. You too can experience the square nail edge with ease by introducing press-on square nails to your beauty toolkit. Embolden yourself by selecting an edgy design and the length you desire to enhance your presence in any situation.

    Easy maintenance

    Once you have followed the simple three-step application process as demonstrated in our application guide, you need to do nothing more than show off your hands that slay. Removal is also a quick three-step process that takes just minutes of your day. Because your nails are reusable, we do recommend you store them in the case provided between uses to ensure they are not damaged or lost. Everything you need is included when you purchase your square press-on nails, so not only are they easy to maintain, but they are super convenient too.

    Shop by shape

    We have made it incredibly easy for you to find your perfect press on nails. You can bundle and save by having an assortment of nail shapes to ensure that whatever the occasion, you have the ideal nails for it at hand. Depending on your outfit, you may prefer to have almond press-on nails as opposed to your square press-on nails. Or maybe the situation calls for coffin press-on nails or round press-on nails. Bundling will save on postage and provide you with the convenience of switching up your nails as and when you need them.

    Shop by length

    You may have elected to purchase short square nails and found there are times it would be more appropriate for you to have a different length. This, again, is an opportunity to bundle and save. We offer long press-on nails and medium press-on nails in addition to our short press-on nails to cover every scenario and to avoid any need for you to cut, file, or shape your nails. Your short square nails can be changed to long square nails in a few quick minutes whenever the need arises.

    Contact us today and join the growing crowd who have discovered just how amazing Glowie by Her press-on nails are. Being TikTok viral and regularly selling out on special releases is a distinctive indication of just how awesome these nails really are.