Blue Press-On Nails

    Blue represents power and intelligence. The darker your nail colour, the more sophisticated your hands appear, while lighter blues show a more feminine side. Choosing blue-coloured nails gives you the choice to be bold or demure, depending on the shade you select when applying your Glowie by Her press-on nails.

    8 products

    8 products

    Rocking your dark blue coloured nails

    The dramatic impact of dark blue stick-on nails is undisputed. This fully versatile colour will match any outfit and will either blend against a darker fabric or stand out as a notable contrast to lighter clothing. The beauty of press-on blue nails means you do not need to worry about “bleed” or preciseness as you do when applying regular nail polish, which can be tricky, particularly with darker colours. Your manicure will be perfect once you have completed the super quick application process.

    The softness of light blue coloured nails

    For a more feminine and subtle appearance, you may like to try light blue coloured nails. The beautifully soft light blue is the perfect summer colour that looks equally stunning with lighter-coloured clothing as it does against black or dark clothing. There are several blue nail designs in our range with varying lengths available, including long press-on nails, medium press-on nails and short press-on nails. You are sure to find the ideal length, shape, and colour with a range that is this extensive.

    Blue nail designs in an instant

    Our application guide demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to achieve the perfect manicure in minutes. Three simple steps are all you need to complete, and your Glowie by Her hands are ready. Once you have prepped, glued, and pressed, your blue stick-on nails are done. 

    Gone in an instant

    When the time comes to change out your nails for another design, or maybe you wish to switch out your long blue nails for short blue nails or opt for another colour, it is another quick three-step process, meaning you can always have precisely the manicure you desire at any given time.

    Love blue nail designs but want options?

    Blue-coloured nails are stunning, but why limit yourself to one colour when you can change out your nails weekly or even daily? Our range includes an eclectic mix of colours, including brown, gold, green, lilac and neutral or, perhaps, orange, pink or purple is more your style. There is also red, white or yellow to choose from and a magnificent rainbow colour as well. Let’s not forget the classic transparent option to complete your wide range of choices. 

    A complete range of choices

    Browsing the Glowie by Her range, you will find so many design and colour options you will never be bored with your manicure.

    Quality and durability 

    When you purchase your Glowie by Her press-on nails, you will discover why these TikTok viral nails are so popular. Unlike the somewhat tacky stick-on nails of the past, our nails are of the highest quality and will remain in place for up to two weeks. This is not to say you must keep your blue press-on nails in place for so long. Our nails are reusable! You can switch them out as often as you like and re-apply many times over.

    All the accessories you need

    Each order of nails includes the essential accessories, however, if you are applying and reapplying frequently, it would be wise to include additional nail accessories to your order. Bundling your choices into one delivery will not only prevent any inconvenience it will save you money too!

    Contact us today to uncover the secret to a quality, long-lasting manicure that will ensure beautifully groomed hands are always a part of your everyday appearance.