3D Press-On Nails

     3D shaped nails add that extra touch to your manicure with texture, which can be incorporated through jewels or raised colours and accents. They are the ultimate way to add bling to your fingernails. Press on 3D nails gives you the freedom to truly express yourself through your manicure, showing the world your artistic side with the ability to change to something less eye-catching in an instant should you find yourself in a situation that calls for a more demure look.

    Beautiful art

    3D stick on nails are the easiest and most convenient way to bedazzle your hands. You can opt to adorn your nails with beads and jewels, or maybe raised glitter patterns are more to your liking. There are so many ways to really make your nails pop. 3D shaped nails leave you in total control of how you would like to express yourself outside of a traditional smooth and textured manicure.

    Making a statement

    Creating a masterpiece on your hands with 3D nail designs will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. You can be as individual as you like, using one 3D shape nail on one finger and other designs on your other fingers, either embellished or plain. Mixing and matching truly come to the fore when deciding how to wear your press on 3D nails.

    Mix and match heaven

    You could choose to have every finger slaying with 3D shaped nails or elect to have one or two nails adorned with 3D nail designs as a feature, while the rest of your fingernails complement with other designs such as bling, cat-eye, chrome or floral. You could also choose from French tip, glitter, magnetic, ombre, pattern, or solid designs. The choices are endless.

    Easy application and removal

    The simple three-step process of prep, glue and press is outlined in our application guide. Minutes is all it takes to have nails that can last up to two weeks. Removal is just as easy with a quick soak in your solution before they slide off, leaving your nails fresh and ready for reapplication.


    Changeout freedom

    Given the ease and total freedom with which you can change out your press-on nails, it allows you to experiment with different looks. Take full advantage of our gorgeous collection and bundle and save with your order. You could try short 3D nails or long 3D nails, mixing them up with different 3D nail designs or base colours. All of this without the need to visit a salon and be stuck with your choices until your next inconvenient appointment!

    The Glowie By Her difference

    Glowie By Her offers press-on nails that are so realistic that people will wonder how you have the time to constantly visit the salon for a manicure, or how you can afford to visit so often to change your nails regularly. The high-end quality of our nails ensures you can apply and re-apply your 3D shaped nails as often as you like, knowing they will look as amazing as they did the first time you used them.

    Reusable sustainability

    Being reusable means less waste for the environment and also less cost for you in replacement nails. Although your initial order will include everything you need, if you are inclined to switch out your press on 3D nails often, you may wish to add some additional nail accessories to your order so you can always be sure you have enough of everything on hand. 

    Start your journey to the easiest and fastest way to always have hands that slay. Contact us today and discover just how easy, cost-efficient and convenient it can be when you enter the world of quality, realistic press-on nails.