Brown press-on nails

    Every colour of nail polish represents a personal trait for the wearer. Brown-coloured nails demonstrate stability and dependability, making this the ideal colour for the workplace or for spending time with friends. Applying your brown press on nails will give you an air of reliability and trustworthiness while providing your hands with a beautiful contrast to accentuate your chosen outfit.

    7 products

    7 products

    The hues of brown stick-on nails

    As with every colour in our range, there are a variety of hues and styles to choose from. Our range of brown nail colours is no different. From the deep and fascinating tone of Brownie Points to the fun and subtle colour of Coffee Date, you will find the perfect brown nail designs to suit you. 

    Customised alternatives

    Our collection encompasses many styles and designs. Long press on nails, medium press on nails and short press on nails are all choices you can make, ensuring no trimming or filing is needed to achieve precisely the nail you desire.

    The magic of press on nails

    Following the three simple steps in our application guide, you can apply your chosen brown nail designs in minutes. Once applied, they will stay in place for up to two weeks due to the exceptional quality of our nails and glue. They are just as easily removed so you can switch from long brown nails to short brown nails at whim. You could totally change your look on a daily basis using other designs and colours or stay with your favourite look for weeks. 

    Simply amazing

    So versatile, so magical. Our brown press on nails are a truly amazing addition to your grooming kit.

    Reusable and realistic

    Gone are the days when you need to replace your stick-on nails every time you decide to switch looks. Glowie by Her press on nails are designed to be reused. Simply store them safely in the box provided so they are not inadvertently damaged, and you can reapply your brown press on nails whenever you wish to. With a realistic design, you will find people do not notice you are wearing stick-on nails and instead will compliment you on your immaculate manicure.

    An abundance of colour options

    We understand you do not want to be left to just one design or colour for your hands, which is why our range of press on nails includes options such as gold, blue, green, grey and lilac, all with their own range of hues and designs. There are also neutral, orange, pink, purple and red to choose from in addition to rainbow, transparent, white, and yellow.  

    Ways to save

    Bundle and save while giving yourself as many options as possible to have the perfect nails for every occasion.

    Make your friends salty

    Your brown coloured nails will absolutely slay, leaving your friends green with envy. They will be wondering how you have the time to constantly visit a salon, while in reality you have literally spent a few minutes applying those gorgeous brown stick-on nails or swapped them out for different designs or colours, making sure your hands match your chosen outfit every day. While Glowie by Her nails are definitely not a secret, the fact that you are wearing press on nails can be. Revel in the adoration!

    Accessories to maintain those hands

    Don’t forget to check out our nail accessories range, which will provide those extras you may need to allow repeated use. Your order will include everything you need, however, if you are changing up your look regularly you may need extra glue or sticky tabs. Add what you need to your bundle to save on delivery costs.

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