Long Press-On Nails

    Not everyone can grow their nails to the length they prefer, but with long press-on nails, you do not need to worry. There may be times when you want seductively stunning long-shaped nails and other times find you need a shorter nail. Press-on long nails will give you all the options to present your hands exactly as you wish when you wish.

    29 products

    29 products

    Easy application and removal

    Glowie By Her press-on nails could not be easier or faster to apply. Your chosen long nails design will be ready in minutes when you follow the three easy steps in the application guide. Simply prep your natural nail, glue, and press. Instantly have those glamorously feminine fingers ready to shine, and when you are ready to remove them, the process is just as quick.

    Stunningly glamorous

    Long nails have always been associated with class and style as they elongate your fingers, giving your hand a slim and elegant appearance. Press-on long nails give you the opportunity to showcase your chosen designs while exuding sophistication at any time, but they also give you the choice to wear your nails a little shorter with minimum fuss.

    Perfectly shaped

    You can choose your long nail shape to suit your tastes with the current trend of square long press-on nails or opt for a more rounded shape or one of the many other available styles. Selecting the perfect shape is such a personal decision. When deciding which long shaped nails to go for, there is quite a bit of freedom, as regardless of your hand or finger shape, the sheer length of the nail will make any choice appropriate.

    Patterned or plain

    This is where you can have a little fun! Take advantage of the larger surface to display your long nails design. Eye-catching styles, such as cat-eye or floral, really pop on press-on long nails. Equally, a magnificent French tip or solid design can be quite impressive, or maybe you are considering chrome, magnetic or ombre. There are also pattern options if you want something a bit different. Add a bit of bling to really highlight the luxuriousness of your fabulously long nails, or mix it up with a few mismatched nails. You have complete freedom with long press-on nails to make as much of a statement as you like.

    Keeping options

    You may be totally in love with your long shaped nails, but maybe consider if you wish to have the same beautiful designs in a medium press-on nail or short press-on nail as well. As much as we all love the long nail shape, there will be times when they are simply not practical, and at those times, we still want our hands to slay. If you bundle your order, you save on costs and get the added benefit of stunningly beautiful nails, no matter what length you need on any given day. 

    Switching your looks

    The beauty of Glowie By Her press-on nails is that they are reusable! You can choose to switch your long nail designs every day or wear the same design for up to two weeks. Regardless, your nails will always be perfectly manicured due to the quality of Glowie By Her products. A little tip though, if you decide to switch out your looks regularly, you may want to stock up on a few nail accessories. Every palette of nails purchased includes everything you need, but it could be a good idea to have a bit of extra glue for example.

    Contact us today and experience the ease of application, the realistic look, the amazing designs, and above all the way Glowie By Her press-on nails will lift your manicure game.