Coffin Press-On Nails

    Coffin press-on nails are the perfect choice for people who prefer a square look but with a little more streamlined shape. The superior quality of Glowie By Her press-on nails and ease of application will have your hands looking enviably fabulous in no time. Our nails are TikTok viral and with good reason. You won't find better press-on nails anywhere in the country. 

    No more pricey salons

    Avoid costly salon visits and have the choice to glam up your hands whenever you like. Press-on coffin nails are easily applied over your natural nails and will stay in place for up to two weeks. Removal is a simple process which means you can glam up your hands for special events and quickly change out your look for work or sports.

    Reusable beauty

    Our press-on nails are designed to be reused, making them an even bigger cost saver when compared with salon-applied nails. The nail palette you choose contains everything you will need to apply, remove and reapply your nails, ensuring you experience no inconvenience whenever you decide a coffin nail shape is needed to complete your look.

    Shop by length

    To make your experience even better, we have categorised our nails so you can shop by length as well as style. Simply browse the range according to your need for long press-on nails, medium press-on nails or short press-on nails. The length and style you desire are but a simple click away.

    Shop by shape

    You may wish to bundle a few different shapes to give you flexibility on how your hands look and to customise your nails to your outfits. Be it almond press-on nails, round press-on nails, or square press-on nails that are best suited for you, our exquisitely high-quality nails will deliver the look you want and accentuate your favourite jewellery pieces in any shape or style. 

    Easy application

    Check out how easy it is to apply your press-on coffin nails. The application guide will help you to understand the process with three simple steps to apply and three simple steps to remove. It is quick and easy, saving you time and frustration that other press-on nails can cause.

    What exactly is a coffin-shaped nail?

    The coffin nail shape covers the width of your nail bed with a slight taper down to a square tip, similar to the shape of a coffin - hence the name. It is also known as a ballerina shape because the silhouette can be likened to a ballerina’s shoe.

    No more embarrassing damaged nails

    Imagine not having to experience damaged polish, chipped nails or inconsistent nail lengths ever again. This is exactly what you will have with your coffin press-on nails. Within minutes, any imperfections your natural nails may have are covered with a beautiful manicured nail that is durable and lasting.

    Ways to save even more money

    To increase your savings, you can try purchasing in bundles. There is free express shipping for orders over $120. Your coffin press-on nails palette comes with everything you need. However, if you apply and reapply frequently, you may wish to add some nail accessories to your order to avoid shipping costs for extra glue or sticky pads. You may also consider ordering different lengths, shapes, and nail designs to ensure you always have the best-suited nail ready and waiting on any given day. 

    Contact us today to get started. You will be the envy of all your friends with your consistently beautifully manicured fingers. The perfect manicure is just minutes away when you have your Glowie by Her nail palette in hand.