Round press on nails

    Round-shaped nails are a cute and classic shape that will look amazing on any sized hand, however, the style is best suited to shorter fingers as they can give the illusion of elongating your digits. The classic demure shape makes round press-on nails well-matched for any occasion, from the beach to the boardroom, giving you total flexibility on when and where you choose to wear your Glowie by Her round shape nails

    Stick on convenience

    Stick-on nails by Glowie By Her are totally dank. They give you the convenience of changing out your nails as often as you like without having to experience costly and time-consuming visits to the nail salon. The exceptional quality of our round nail designs means you can wear them for up to two weeks before needing to reapply, or you can change them out every day with all the different colours, lengths, and styles available in our range along with every single one of the nail accessories you need to help you maintain your look.

    Easy application

    The super easy process for application is outlined in our application guide. Essentially it is three steps. Prep your nails using the accessories provided, apply glue, and press your nails on. That's it! You are ready to go. When it comes time to change out your look from, let’s say short round nails to almond stick-on nails, there are just three easy steps to remove your nails. Simply prep a bowl with water, soap, and oil. Soak for a few minutes and remove. Did we mention your round press-on nails are reusable? Well, they are! Be sure to store them safely when they have been removed so you can use them over and over again.

    Glow up your hands

    Your hands will be bussin’ every day with ease when you apply your round nail designs, which are available in so many different colours and styles, you will always have the perfect match available to suit your chosen outfit of the day. When you glow up your hands, your overall appearance is enhanced, giving you the envious advantage of confidence when going about your day-to-day. Slay your long round nails at work or hanging with friends and watch the yearning in their eyes as they admire your hands and wonder how you always maintain the perfect manicure.

    Shop by shape

    Most nail shapes suit most hands however some are particularly suited to long fingers, and some better suited to short fingers. Perhaps you just want options to switch out shapes. This is why we offer alternatives to round press-on nails, such as coffin stick-ons and square stick-ons. You can be guaranteed to find the best-shaped nail for your hands and your style preferences in our range. 

    Shop by length

    It is inevitable that if you purchase long round nails, a time will come when you prefer to wear your nails a little shorter. You can easily switch out your long press-on nails for medium press-ons or short press-ons following the three easy application and removal steps. This is why we offer bundle and save options when ordering online. The more options you select, the more flexibility you will have to ensure the perfect length and style of nail for every occasion.

    If you are looking for something that hits differently, Glowie by Her stick-on nails are for you. Quality, style, and functionality are simply a click away. Contact us today to discover why our nails are in such high demand and have gone TikTok viral.