Glowie by you.

Glowie's 2022 Inclusivity and Diversity campaign 
At Glowie, it is our mission to promote inclusivity and diversity like no other brand has done before. Glowie is proudly POC owned and there is nothing more important than being an inclusive brand.
We are looking for 5 people from all different backgrounds to be a part of this and if chosen, you will get to design your very own nail and participate in a photoshoot with everyone styling what you’ve created, and sharing your personal story through this collection.
We want include you. This campaign is open to all - no matter your background or what your story is. Glowie by you aims to break advertising norms by highlighting people or groups that might be under or misrepresented. Together, as one, let’s break stereotypes.

Let’s embrace everyone in the real world.

Let’s glow like you.

We can’t wait to bring our vision for an inclusive and diverse brand shaped by you into a reality.

Click here to apply now!

Applications close 31/10/2022

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